Are you ready to sponsor or donate?

If you decide to help us by donating, call us. Be ready to explain what part of our business you want to support. We'll ask what you are donating and decide the best course of action for accepting the donation.


Donating to Our Business

By donating to this company, you be playing a part in the enrichment and education provided by our business. Our shows deliver information about conservation and animal welfare to the public as well as making dreams come true.


Sponsoring Our Animals

If you decide you want to sponsor one or all of our animals,  100% of your donation will go to enriching their life. You can help us support their vet care, food, or you can help us buy them more toys. You may choose a specific animal by viewing our list and choosing the type, or you can request animals by name. If you choose, you can request to support one aspect of their life. We often post pictures of our animals enjoying their new donations on our Facebook, so keep an eye out. Also feel free to check out the animal's amazon wish list.


Donating Animals

Do you have any uncommon pets you can no longer keep? Part of our goal is animal welfare. We understand animals and their owners sometimes clash. Or maybe you can no longer keep your animals due to health, financial, or other reasons. We want to help you and your animals. Call us about your unusual pet and we can help find it a home. Whether we take in the pet ourselves or point you in the direction of a shelter or loving home, we are happy to help. We have a no pressure policy. If you call and want to know what we would do with an animal like yours, we will happily explain. Perhaps you find that your not satisfied with our explanation or just not sure whether you're ready to part with your pet. If that is the case, you can contact us later on if you change your mind. 

How do we decide if we will adopt an animal? First, we research the creature on the off chance we are unfamiliar with it. Then we look at what type of animals we can accept at that time taking into account our financial status and current license. We will also ask you about the animal and will want to know about it. If all these steps are fulfilled, we will want to meet the animal. Finally, if we get along with the animal, we will start the adoption process.

What do we do with the pets if we receive it? Truly, that depends on the pet and their temperament. If the animal is calm and kind we will likely introduce it to shows. If it is not ready for that, we will socialize it. Because of our occupation, your animal will receive a lot of quality time with humans, and there will never be a lack of interaction. In the unlikely event that the animal does not mesh with our lifestyle, we will work with it until it adjusts, or we will allow it to become a personal pet, whether with us or with possibly another loving home throughly vetted by our staff. In the latter case, we would contact you beforehand.

What type of animals do we accept? We accept a variety of animals including reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals. We do not accept dogs or domestic cats. We also don't accept bigs cats like lions or tigers. We do accept medium sized cats which include, but are not limited to, bobcats, lynx, servals, and carcals. We adopt almost any non-venomous snakes. We  rarely turn away amphibians or lizards. We accept many types of birds, but the deciding factor when we adopt a bird is its temperament towards us.

Are you still not sure if we would accept your animal? We understand this is a lot of information to understand, so please contact us with any questions or concerns.



When we go to large events, we often need volunteers to assist our handlers.  We absolutely adore volunteers.  Volunteering with us gives people the opportunity to work in close contact with the animals and also help educate others about them.

When you volunteer with us, you will be assisting the handlers with whatever they may need.  In some cases, you may be directed to hold an animal: something simple at first and educate others about that animal.  In other cases, the handler may ask you to help on the petting zoo area or with a table set up.  Would you like to volunteer?  Give us a call, send us an email, or send us a Facebook message.  If you would prefer to go the more medieval route, send a pigeon, please allow time for it to reach us.  However, since pigeons may not know our location, sending inquiries via pigeon may not be the best course of action.